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We think health insurance should be smart, simple, and friendly. That’s why we built F1care. Our goal is to change the way providers and patients interact with healthcare through technology, data, and design.

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Our members are the most engaged, and we have the best-in-class AI-driven engagement platform – that means more direct appointments for the practices that partner with us

Health Data

Through data analyses of member conditions and claims utilization, we’re able to provide insight that ultimately lowers healthcare costs and improves outcomes

Dedicated team

Dedicated team
We’re dedicated to creating the best experience for our providers, and that includes a fast, responsive services team. We have an entire team dedicated to resolving provider issues


We aim to strengthen practice branding and direct more patients through in-app appointment scheduling

F1care Partnership

With F1care, every family will have a Primary Care Team as their dedicated partner to help them navigate the healthcare system. Whenever members need additional care, their Primary Care Team can use our data and insights to refer people to the right specialists for their needs. And you can stop worrying about attracting new patients and collecting bad debt, and instead turn your attention to delivering great healthcare.

We’re partnering with forward-thinking providers and world-class health systems to change healthcare for the better.

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