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A plug-and-play ecosystem

We are a technology startup at heart. Our F1careOS combines ‘Cure’ and ‘Care’ applications to deliver a coherent healthcare journey that fundamentally changes member experience and makes a positive impact on member lifestyle.

Tailored digital journeys
for members

Health Insurance Ecosystem

We bring to insurers a plug-and-play ecosystem dedicated to creating tailored digital journeys for insurance members

Smart Channels

We offer insurers with innovative alternative distribution strategies and a fast-growing, curated network of distribution partners


We focus on solutions that are valuable to insurers – we design and build digital journeys with the interest of you and your members in mind


Better policyholder behavior, lowered claim ratio, increased operational efficiency

F1care Operating System

Traditional high-end health insurance products do not speak to potential members and are not reaching the target audience through effective channels. We help you create innovative health insurance products tailored for specific untapped market segments, allowing you to reach, educate, and convert customers that you have never reached before.

F1careOS: Technology, data, and design to make Health Insurance more Human.

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